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Comments by parents & patients

Patients of Dr. Wayne

“I wanted you to know how very grateful we have all been for the "excellent" care you have taken of each of our children (for over 20 years).” — Sally Larson

“I want to thank you for taking care of me these 16 years. I remember when I was a child, I was always afraid of going to the dentist, but a Dr. Tofukuji appointment was always cool. Thank you for everything!” — Kurt Ikeda

"Twenty-one years ago, we had our first appointment with you. Through the years and for each boy, you provided excellent care by examining, cleaning, sealing and filling their teeth, as well as providing advice about tooth and mouth care. Even when you had to deliver unpleasant news such as poor tooth-brushing or a cavity, you did so with care and compassion. Your goodness was reflected in your staff who were also very nice to us. Thanks to you, the boys had few cavities and they drink sodas only occasionally. You are the best pediatric dentist!" — Sam and Susan Lee

“Thank you, Dr. Wayne, you are the best dentist.” — Noah Ses

“Dear Dr. Wayne, thank you for taking care of Alex and Erica so well over the years! We really appreciate it.” — Brian and Margaret Noguchi

“We love Dr. Wayne! He has a very gentle, non-threatening approach that I appreciate so much. Our 7-year-old son Logan doesn’t even mind going to the dentist, and he’s gone a lot! I would recommend Dr. Wayne in a heartbeat!” — Wanda Goo

"As a mother of two teenagers who have been your patients for the last 10 years, I wanted to thank you for your dedicated and superior service. I especially wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the service you have given my autistic son, Wally—you and your staff have always treated him with care and compassion. You have always been available to help us. I do not know what I would do without you!” — Nancy Wong

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